How to set up a Video Consultation

Online Consultations on a Desktop or Laptop

If you are using a PC, laptop or Mac, you will need to make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you aren’t sure, click on the link below to check and follow the instructions for your web browser if it is not.

You must have a webcam and microphone installed and enabled to use this service.  Please ensure you have these set up properly before the consultation begins.

Online Consultations on a Tablet/Smartphone

If you wish to use a tablet or smartphone for the online consultation it will need to have a dual camera so that you and the doctor can see each other.

You will also need to download a free app from the App Store or Google Play called “VCI Mobile”. This must be done prior to your appointment to ensure that the consultation can go ahead. You can install by clicking or tapping below.

When you install the app on your device, don’t open it as the consultation with the doctor is accessed via the link which will be emailed to you.

If you can’t install the app for any reason, the consultation will still happen using the telephone only.